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We are a minority-controlled transmission and distribution construction firm that safely and smartly engineers, procures and builds utility and telecommunications assets across America.


Since 1996, we’ve safely delivered transmission line construction and live-line maintenance projects to our clients, on time or ahead of schedule and within budget.


Distribution services are in our blood at Three Phase. Whether it’s new construction or power restoration after major events, our crews safely deliver the full range of services.


Many industry experts believe a substation is a utility’s most critical asset. Building, operating and maintaining substations is expensive.

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Utility and telecommunications companies call on Three Phase Line Construction Inc. for complex and critical projects including siting and building transmission lines, constructing windfarm collection systems, installing cell antennas and distribution lines, restoring power and putting in underground cable and transformers.  Our teams regularly take on barehand work up to the highest voltages, expertly meet environmental regulations and give customers an unparalleled level of reporting and communication until the job is done. Three Phase is a minority-controlled company with national headquarters in Rochester, N.H.


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