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Three Phase Line Construction is a minority-controlled transmission and distribution construction firm with national reach. Our services and our clients’ experience distinguishes us in many ways.

For example, since utility customers increasingly demand uninterrupted service, we deliver live-line barehand work up to the highest voltages. Our investment in safety, training and certifications make our crews and project managers experts at working with energized lines. Unlike the distribution barehand work we do (e.g., hotsticking), our transmission live-line work involves crews specifically trained to place themselves at the same electrical potential as an energized circuit.


Regardless of which service we’re hired for, we always provide the following:

  • Keep in daily contact with our clients by stating what’s been done, what’s planned for the day and how far along we’ve come. That makes a utility project or construction manager’s job easier.
  • Listen to what our clients want, how much they want to pay for it and by when they want to get it done.  And we deliver.
  • We’re experts at T&D engineering, construction and procurement, and we give clients not only our best recommendation but also our best effort.
  • Honesty, resourcefulness. If we don’t know how to do something, we tell clients and tap an expert we trust.

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