Electrical Transmission

Electrical Transmission

Since 1996, we’ve safely delivered transmission line construction and live-line maintenance projects to our clients, on time or ahead of schedule and within budget. Our managers know the industry and how to ensure our crews successfully complete any project we take on.


With Three Phase on board, transmission line clients enjoy:

excellent lines of communication

project managers with experience

safely performed work

well-maintained, reliable equipment

a financially secure and well-capitalized company

Our services include:

  • Installing new transmission lines and retiring outdated ones
  • Barehanding, live-line work up to 345kV
  • Reconductoring, including refurbishing and improving transmission lines
  • Rebuilding energized or deenergized transmission structures
  • Installing optical ground wire (OPGW) and All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable
  • Modifying and replacing lattice steel tower
  • Installing cell antennas on energized transmission structures