As the rollout of global communications technologies like 5G continues, engineers, planners and installers have to coordinate their efforts to link more fiber-optic cable across America than ever. All of the towers that make things like 5G possible require connection via wires to the internet, and clients call on Three Phase to help deploy the network by smartly managing projects, stringing cable and wire, navigating permits and installing antennas. Our construction and maintenance crews already support the world’s most advanced fiber optic, wireless and satellite networks. And our extensive experience and skilled linemen give us the ability to handle any telecommunications project to build out a client’s network.


With Three Phase on board, telecommunications clients enjoy:

excellent lines of communication

project managers with experience

safely performed work

well-maintained, reliable equipment

a financially secure and well-capitalized company

Our services include:

  • Mounting of cell antennas on high-voltage towers and distribution lines
  • Putting in place coax and weather-tight connections
  • Installing fiber and All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable
  • Designing and installing facility networks