Three Phase Environmental Services provides specialized contracting and technical consultation support to our clients. We have a proven track record of environmental compliance on multiple projects through our implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) by on-site Environmental Professionals to maintain permit requirements. We also make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment throughout every process of a project. With full time Environmental Professionals on our staff, we provide our clients with complete Environmental Services that alleviate the need to hire multiple contractors to handle the environmental portion of a project.

We make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment while performing work; minimizing our footprint is one of our primary goals. When we must make impacts, these impacts are mitigated by our work practices using specialized techniques tailored to each specific situation we encounter. We have the specialty equipment and skilled crews to handle the challenges of modern line construction proven over a history of excellence on environmentally sensitive ROWs (Right of Ways). To back this up, we have Environmental Specialists who have both a deep knowledge of the permits and regulations by which we are governed and the know-how specific to the industry to get the job done within the confines of our permits.

Erosion Control and Site Restoration

From water management in the heights of the White Mountains, to soil stabilization of agricultural lands in Vermont, to ensuring clean water for Maine’s coastal estuaries, we have maintained compliance in a variety of challenging environments.

Our Environmental Professionals have the foresight to implement erosion controls before construction activity begins on a site, the dedication to monitor active sites and the ability to restore the site after construction is complete such that the site is permanently stable.

We have an extensive knowledge of BMPs in our tool box both for the ROW and the access roads that serve them.

Our successful history of restoration on ROWs allows clients to terminate their permits quickly once construction is complete and the project is re-vegetated.

Project Permitting

We provide expertise in project permitting and constructability assessments.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in conducting wetlands delineation and mapping, preparing wetlands mitigation and restoration plans, and preparing site erosion and sediment control plans.

Our permit specialists have knowledge and experience in the permitting process. We have a successful history dealing with federal, state and local environmental agencies throughout the permitting process.

Matting Installation and Removal

We specialize in the placement and removal of construction mats primarily for line construction and tree clearing contractors.

Mats may be rented out or installed by our crews, resulting in quicker line completion and revenue recognition for industry.

We have the equipment, inventory, personnel, and expertise required to handle any-sized matting project at some of the lowest rates in the industry.